Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tool #8

O.k., this new equipment rollout is going to be fantastic!
Great tutorials!  Baby steps . . . very methodical . . . just what I need!  It is good to know that the tutorial videos will be easily accessible when it comes time to actually use the equipment.

Whoa, Nellie!  The link towards the end of the iPad tutorials in Tool #8 is a little overwhelming.  The part that says:

Here are some great websites to support the introduction of iPads/iPod touches into the classroom: iPads in the Classroom.  

It'll take a couple of months to do that website true justice!  It is nicely categorized, but there sure are a lot of categories!

After reading and watching the less overwhelming parts of Tool #8, I learned:
* making videos using the netbook's web cam is easy
* the netbook web cam has a time lapse option (how fun is that?!)
* teachers will be in complete control of their devices and won't have to sync very often
* navigating through iTunes is much easier if you have a tutorial video
* the district has some great ideas about how to label iPod Touches and iPads.

I plan to use most of the district's suggestions about how to manage the devices.  In my experience, the biggest danger the devices face is being stepped on.  Students like to use them on the floor, like they do at home.  I will probably have a "no floor" policy.  I also plan to assign specific devices to specific students whenever possible, for accountability reasons.  If they aren't assigned and you say, "Who was using netbook #2?" you are greeted with silence.  I like and have used the concept of having a "group of experts."  It frees up the teacher for trouble-shooting.

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