Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tool #5

Well, I think this team-revised Google Document says it all:

The first Web 2.0 tool I tried was  The You Tube directions said that these books could be embedded, but I was unable to find a code.  The only way to share it easily is to email the link to yourself and post the link you emailed yourself.  Here's the link I received for my creation:  The New and Improved Frostwood.  It takes you straight to the book and lets you turn the pages.

I prefer embeddable products for children in primary grades.  The only way I could think of to make this book immediately visible on this blog was to save the book as a pdf file and post screen shots of the pdf pages, like this:

This isn't as much fun as using the link, though, because you can't make the pages turn.

Other than the embedding problem, seems to be a viable writing tool for my second graders.  It has plenty of picture choices, it can be saved and edited, it has spell check, and it is relatively user-friendly.

I liked Storyjumper better than the second Web 2.0 tool I tried, Tikatok, which won't embed or send a link.  I had to save it as a pdf.  I inserted three pictures, but for some reason, only the one on the cover appeared when I saved it.  Here's the cover.

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  1. Thanks for your insightful work on this! I think I will avoid Tikatok all together.