Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tool #1

A few years ago, I started blogging when I took SBISD's "23 Things" course.  It was the hardest course I ever took (not counting calculus . . . or economics); but it sure taught me a lot!  Blogger keeps adding fun, new user-friendly features.  Right now I see a lot of new icons I need to try out.  "Insert jump break" sounds pretty exciting.

Voki is always a student favorite.  So simple and so professional-looking.  I've had second graders use Vokis for showing story characters' points-of-view.  It can also be used for history (Abraham Lincoln can tell his autobiography) and science (an animal can talk about its life cycle).  I love how the eyes of the avatars follow the cursor around the screen.

Does anybody know how to get the "text enhance" off of the word "student" in the above paragraph?  It really bugs me.


  1. Sally I enjoyed visiting your blog and want to work with you privately. You are so talented and creative, and I'm so glad you are in our school!

  2. Julie, you've always been my favorite! :) I'd be glad to work with you!